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You sir, are a genious.
I loves you. This is great. I had many lulz. I don't get why it wasn't pure Flash, it seemed to be in some other video format..


While I feel for you, I really do,
This just isn't something you should have submitted
I hate the Jonas brothers a hell of a lot. I wish they died horrible deaths for making a further mockery of music that adds to the dark advent of shitty teen pop stars.
But the submission just isn't good.
It was too short, and it was a stick figure battle.
It could have been good with this same length, if you had actually drawn the Jonas brothers. Perhaps making them look sinister and evil, as we all know under their cheery FUCKING shells they really are.


This are very funny.
I love Songs To Wear Pants To. Good animation and nice visual representation of the song.

It was ok

It was alright
But not the best adaption of the aristocrats
I miss the incest and excrement.

Pretty cool

Two things:
Wish it could have been longer, and the last image didn't make any sense to me, the fried chicken.
Thanks for using my music though, I think it fits.

Bezman responds:

It was fried fish and the whole movie was basically about a cycle ride to the chippy - the fish was the destination.

Thanks for making the tune!

Good idea.

Good idea, but wasn't very well executed.
The animation was very crude, but I can see what you're trying to go for.

That was great.

I enjoyed this a lot.
Very dark. I didn't get most of the symbolism, but that's probably because I'm a dumbass. Beautiful animation, and it might not have worked had you not blurred it. Perfect choice of music, I just love Trent.


This was decent and watchable. I just think you should have taken more time on the graphics at some points. The characters could have moved a bit smoothly too.
Overall though a moderately enjoyable flash.

BobAndBoey responds:

This was made a while ago so i sucked at animation. The new ones will be better. ^_^


Loved it. I think some of the fighting segments should have been different though, like stranger challenges, maybe a thumb war in there somewhere.
Everything else is fine.
I love how stupid the dispute is also.
The graphics were just fine as they were, also, if they were any better, the cartoon probably wouldn't have the same effect and therefore not be good.

AGH! yes.

That was too great. I love when people make a rant then animate over it. I watched the movie it was great, and this does it a lot of justice. Your voice is funny. Good animation and graphics, no complaints.


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